YouTubers Coming to Southern Utah 

There's nothing like meeting people you have spent hours watching on your phone. Several Youtubers are converging on Sand Hollow Reservoir in March. Matt’s Off-Road Recovery is a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers.

Matt has a job hauling vehicles out of canyons, mud and water, and often right here in Southern Utah. I especially like his videos when he pulls vehicles out of the Virgin River. There’s something engaging about seeing a jeep with water over the hood and then follow along to see how they get it out of that mess.

Off-Road Games Competition 

With so much interest in the channel, they decided to hold an event where fans could come and see them in action live. Sand Hollow Reservoir was the perfect spot and it was far more popular than they thought it would be.

Last year there were the Wreckers Games, and they are doing it again this year with a name change. It will be the Off-Road Games March 14 – 16. They feature challenges between 14 teams that will compete to try recover vehicles. Picture upended cars and trucks on the sand and rolled over in the cliffs.

Jefe, from Matt's Off-Road said, "The main goal is to get spectators to meet people they see on YouTube."

There will be over 28 popular YouTubers on hand meeting attendees. They are also giving away a 2023 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon. It will be a lot of fun for families with 12 and under free. You can find all the information at 

Free Concert at Sand Hollow Resort

To cap off the day a fun, that evening on Thursday March 14th at Sand Hollow Resort come enjoy a free concert featuring music from Landon Boyce, Emma Mowery, Michael Taylor, and Dylan Thomas Gavin.


There will be tasty food and games like Jenga and corn hole. Fun for the whole family. Thanks to the sponsors: Sand Hollow Resort, Zion Made, Cat Country, Star 98, and 

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