Forgotten Presidents List

The website BetVirginia asked people about the presidents of the United States and then came up with a list of the most forgotten presidents. The list is what you would expect, with Ruther B. Hayes at the top followed by Chester A. Arthur and Warren G. Harding. These three would be hard to name. 

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Looking at the rest of the list, I don’t think it would look the same for people in Utah. For one thing, Donald Trump is at number 7. That is obviously a reflection of our divided country and people's personal bias. In Utah, people would not be confused to find out Trump had been president. 

Utah Has Heard of Fillmore

The other on the list is Millard Fillmore at number 5 of most forgotten. Not every Utahn is aware of the history of the town named Fillmore, but many are. When you pass through going up or down I-15 you may have seen the sign advertising the Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum. 


At one time Fillmore was capital of the are at on time and was named after this man Millard Fillmore. It goes back to 1851 when this man was president of the United States and in charge of assigning a governor of the Utah territory. This is from the Utah Gov. History site.  

Fillmore was Utah’s first territorial capital and was named for U. S. President Millard Fillmore in recognition of his courage in appointing Brigham Young Utah’s first territorial governor. 

The people at the time also named Millard County after the president.

Millard Fillmore
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We may not be too familiar with Presidents Arthur and Pierce, but thanks to the town in the middle of the state, we have an idea who President Fillmore was. 

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