I’m a breakfast nut on weekends.  Pancakes, oatmeal, bacon and eggs.  All that.  So when my wife suggested making bacon in the oven, like any loving husband I said, “What, are you nuts?”  What kind of savages make bacon in the oven?  You need a cast-iron skillet, a spatula, and a high tolerance for hot grease splatter along with a shirt that you don’t mind ruining with grease stains that WILL NOT COME OUT.

So, …ever the skeptic, I stepped aside while SHE made the bacon.  To my surprise, it’s better than any other bacon I’ve ever had.  I know, you’re thinking this is crazy talk.  But it’s true.  The odd part is that it cooks so evenly.  Each piece is perfect.  No raw spots here on the same bacon strip that has burnt spots there.  No, it’s uniform.  I’m sure there are other elaborate recipes from a real chef, which I am not, but here goes. Get out a cookie sheet and line it with tinfoil.


Lay the bacon on the cookie sheet side by side.  Don’t overlap.


DO NOT PREHEAT THE OVEN.  That’s the first step a lot of people get wrong

attachment-IMG_8925 (1)

Put the cookie sheet in the over and set it to BAKE at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes.  Maybe 13 to 15 minutes if the bacon is really thick.


When the timer pops, turn the bacon over and cook side 2 for the same time.  That’s it. 


When that's finished, you just put the bacon on a plate with a paper towel that soaks up the excess grease.


I pour off the extra bacon grease to save for other dishes later.



Add some farm-fresh eggs because everybody has a neighbor who's raising chickens


As you know, Friday was National Bacon Lovers day.  In case you are curious, that’s bacon eaters not bacon cooks day.  Give it a try.  Tell your friends.  Have some bacon.

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