The rodeo is happening again in Iron Rangers Arena this weekend and there’s going to be some top riders at the event. I appreciate all that happens from mutton busting to calf roping. The clowns are always good, but nothing beats the bull riding. A big part of the reason is those massive rodeo bulls. These incredible animals scream danger as they slam the gates before the clock starts.  

There’s always certain bulls that will give the cowboy a ride and I really like how they are named. Here’s some of the top bulls in the nation right now: 

Ridin’ Solo 


Cool Whip 

Flyin Wired 

Moonlight Party 


attachment-Bull (2)

These muscled power houses of torqueing bovine have awesome names to match their rodeo prowess. It takes a lot of thought to get the right name. There are even name generators on the internet dedicated to helping you get a moniker for your four-legged rodeo star.  

Not every bull has the best name, but even the funny ones are cool. Here’s some that made me laugh: 

Stanley Fatmax 

Blender Head Snuff 

Mossy Oak Mudslinger 

Cheeseburger Island Style 

Mississippi Hippie 

I started thinking, what if the rodeo bulls could name the bull riders? What would the bulls sitting back in the pens say if they had a chance to name the guys who try to ride him? The bulls would probably name the humans something like this: 

Gets Stomped A lot 

1 Second 


Dragged Thru Dirt 



Helicopter Boy 



You know that’s how rodeo bulls would talk if they could.  


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