It's clean-up weekend in Washington City.

Friday, Washington City staff, mayor and council met at the Grapevine Trail and then spread out and cleaned up trash throughout the city. (see attached photo gallery).

It's part of a clean-up weekend for Washington County's second largest city. Washington City has approximately 33,000 residents in an area of approximately 32.5 square miles. There are nearly 2,000 residences (homes) in Washington City, although Washington has its share of "second" homes, unoccupied during the hotter summer months.

Some of the areas required extra attention as the area emerges from a wet and windy spring. City staff members spent the better part of Friday morning collecting and cleaning trash from near the roadways.

The clean-up continues Saturday as residents are asked to be a part of the Washington City Lions Club Adopt-A-Road project.

Originally scheduled for early March, the rain forced the cancellation of the project. As one of their services to the community, the Lions help keep the Washington Parkway cleared of litter from I-15 exit 13 to Main Street.

Individuals, families, and members of other organizations are invited. Safety vests and garbage sacks will be provided. Those interested in participating will meet on the north side of I-15 exit 13 at 9 a.m. Saturday morning and plan on enjoying a barbeque when the project is completed.

The City of Washington has five city council members: Kim Casperson, Craig Coats, Bret Henderson, Kurt Ivie, and Benjamin L Martinsen. Mayor Kress Staheli was elected in 2021 and has been mayor since January 2022. Washington uses a city manager to run the day-to-day activities. As of 2021, the city manager is Jeremy Redd, who was appointed in 2020.

Washington City Clean-up

Washington City Clean-up

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