In the early days of the pandemic, I remember hoping and praying that a vaccine would become a reality but the experts at the time said it could take as long as 10 years to develop something.  Then Pfizer and Moderna and a few others came out with something that worked.

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But because a virus can be surprisingly clever, the virus changed and I started reading stories about how the virus is able to get around the vaccine.  What?  We were almost done.  The finish line was in sight.  What the heck is omicron?  (or as most called it, OMNI-cron).  What's BA-4 and BA-5?  Then stories started popping up that the labs were hard at work on a booster shot to go with your vaccine that targeted the omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus.  Luckily I was coming due for a booster in September just as the new version was ready.

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This week I read that the Moderna factory had some issues and supplies would be limited.  I thought, "I'm glad I've got my appointment scheduled before the supplies run out".  ...No such luck.  My wife's appointment was at 11:00 and mine was scheduled for 1:15.  She called me from Harmon's in Santa Clara and said, "Don't come here today.  They're out".   They are expecting more to come in but when I went to reschedule my appointment, the site asks for your zip code and then it delivered some bad news.  

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Looks like I'll be waiting a bit for them to restock.  We were told that getting the Covid-19 booster and your flu shot TOGETHER is a good idea.  I was going to do them separately but the pharmacist said that could reduce the efficacy but if you get them together, "they travel the same path" and somehow that's better.

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