A criminal was arrested in New York because police were able to recognize his brightly colored underwear. It seems that the perpetrator and two accomplices were caught on surveillance camera where his bright underwear was seen peaking over the top of the man’s low-hanging pants.  

I wish it would have been a chase in which the outpaced officers could only watch the dancing unders taunt them over the belt of the pants as he ran away, but it was a video. 

Photo by Gwendal Cottin on Unsplash
Photo by Gwendal Cottin on Unsplash

Later the police were able to identify the man from an Instagram post where the man's photo had no face covering, but thankfully the underwear was doing its covering, in its typical brightly colored fashion. The bright underwear was so distinct that they were able to connect the now-known man to the previous crime. 

Photo by Gautier fenestraz on Unsplash
Photo by Gautier fenestraz on Unsplash

There is no mention if the fashion crime of such bright underdrawers were drawn up against the man.  

Utah has a clever trick to avoid such situations. According to Stitch Fix, a provider that mails clothes to clients throughout the United States, Utah prefers more muted colors. It also may be noted that a tightened belt could have kept the man’s identity at large. However, had this thief taken the time to study this clever preference in wardrobe color choices that Utah embraces, he could have maybe avoided arrest.

Surprisingly the state that wears the brightest colors on the list posted by Glamour magazine is Kentucky. I thought it would have been New Orleans


Here is the list of the most brightly clad states:

  • Kentucky
  • Connecticut
  • Arizona
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Wisconsin
  • South Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Oklahoma
  • Nevada

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