Another Giant Monolith Appears 

Did the monolith found in the Utah desert make its way to Wales? You remember the tall shiny piece of metal that was discovered in a Utah canyon. It disappeared soon after with a group out of New Mexico claiming they had something to do with it.

For the next few years there were other monoliths seen in different places. California, Romania and the Isles of Wight. Now after years of nothing, this one appears in the middle of nowhere in Wales. The man who found it doesn’t think it was aliens, but something like the artist Banksy does. 

Sturdy in the Wind 

Whoever put the metal monolith in Wales wasn’t messing around. The wind across the wilderness area where it stands is quite strong. The large metal column is well built and secured to the ground without blowing over. 

I would love to be the one behind strange monoliths appearing or even a crop circle, but it seems like way too much work. Even a bigfoot sighting would require makeup or a costume and the proper camera and lighting. I have to give the person or alien who built this credit for getting things done. 

Can Utah Put a Claim on It? 

When an item gets lost and then is found, the former owner has a claim on it. If we can prove this monolith in Wales is the same one that was in Utah, maybe we can get it returned. It would give all the people who can’t get into the National Parks something to visit. 

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