The Theme Park Evermore is Closed

The innovative and wildly creative Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove is no longer. It was a place that took the concept of a theme park and created an interactive experience with a story and amazing real-life characters. 

Unfortunately, they have now closed their doors permanently due to lack of attendance and financial troubles. The problems associated with the pandemic were part of the problem that set them back along with the current economy causing people to spend less. 

Walking in a Land of Magic 

When I first heard the concept of a story infused theme park, I thought it was brilliant. It would bring a magic land to life. It seemed like they were tapping into something like the beginnings of Disneyland and would grow into something really cool.

It was the late 2000’s and Harry Potter was still a thing while the Marvel movies were at their peak. People were flocking to convention centers wearing costumes of their favorite character. Adding an immersive story seemed like it would bring it all together. 

Real Life Crushed the Dream Life 

It is a shame that a place that ignited the imagination was forced out due to the crushing weight of our current world. It still seems like there is an opportunity there. If I were Lagoon or maybe one of the huge shopping areas, I would buy up the best of the place and make a smaller version of Evermore. 

For now, it looks like it will be just another great idea that didn’t quite make it, sad.  

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