The new scent being offered as a perfume will remind you of Utah. If you are a beekeeper, you know there is a certain smell to a hive of bees. It is the smell of thousands of bees and the chemical and beeswax combined. This description is pretty good especially when she uses the word fusty: 

What is the heady odor that so defines an industrious hive? It has to be a blend of beeswax, nectar, larvae, and pheromones, a mix overlaid with pollen, propolis, and wood. But the combination is unique, a bit fusty and doughy, so it sticks with us. Even if you haven’t smelled it for decades, the pleasant aroma clicks the instant it greets you. 

Now you can order a perfume that will make you smell fusty like a beehive. It will cost you $160 which is a bargain considering to get that same smell you would have to dig deep where the bees live with all the risk of getting stung. A quick spray and you smell like a honey factory. 


I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the new rage in smells. There are plenty of candles made of beeswax but none I could find that actually smell like a hive. Look for one soon along with underarm deodorant and body wash. 

Utah has lots of official symbols including a state vegetable, the Spanish sweet onion, state fossil, allosaurs, and even a state mushroom, the porcini. So far, we do not have a state smell. This is a no brainer as our state insect is the bee. I would like to see the fusty smell of a beehive wafting through the state capitol. Let’s get that legislation started. 

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