Versace has a pair of golden high tops available on eBay. This simple shoe is offered at a mere $1,479.95 US dollars. I wonder if you get a bargain for purchasing more than one pair?;&siteid=0&ipn=admain2&placement=578514&cto_pld=0tVfp2c2AACHSZ-SboYUhA#tblciGiCwkc3IQ6XK2jkuftg7POfOlgyfFcEcJt5RmI0KRqtpRCDwjE4olZ3zp-nEjuLZAQ;&siteid=0&ipn=admain2&placement=578514&cto_pld=0tVfp2c2AACHSZ-SboYUhA#tblciGiCwkc3IQ6XK2jkuftg7POfOlgyfFcEcJt5RmI0KRqtpRCDwjE4olZ3zp-nEjuLZAQ

Which reminded me of the most expensive sneakers sold so far at Sotheby's. They sold for 2.2 million in the spring of this year. This pair is a collector's item because these Air Jordan 13s were worn by Mr. Michael Jordan on his final championship run also known as his “last dance”.

Sports Illustrated noted:

Jordan wore the sneakers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz, where he scored 37 points to help the Chicago Bulls even the series up with a 93-88 victory.

After the game, Jordan signed them and then gave them to a lucky ball boy.

So, yeah Utah is in tight with expensive shoes which makes me think that it would be right for someone to sport the Versace's in our area.;&siteid=0&ipn=admain2&placement=578514&cto_pld=0tVfp2c2AACHSZ-SboYUhA#tblciGiCwkc3IQ6XK2jkuftg7POfOlgyfFcEcJt5RmI0KRqtpRCDwjE4olZ3zp-nEjuLZAQ;&siteid=0&ipn=admain2&placement=578514&cto_pld=0tVfp2c2AACHSZ-SboYUhA#tblciGiCwkc3IQ6XK2jkuftg7POfOlgyfFcEcJt5RmI0KRqtpRCDwjE4olZ3zp-nEjuLZAQ

Do you think it would be appropriate to brave the red rocks in them? I mean they are sports shoes, maybe wear them up on the slopes at Brianhead. Just pull them off and stash them in an unsecured locker somewhere so you can put on your boots. How about working around in the yard? I can imagine myself kicking a paving stone and doing $700.00 in damage from the light impact.;&siteid=0&ipn=admain2&placement=578514&cto_pld=0tVfp2c2AACHSZ-SboYUhA#tblciGiCwkc3IQ6XK2jkuftg7POfOlgyfFcEcJt5RmI0KRqtpRCDwjE4olZ3zp-nEjuLZAQ;&siteid=0&ipn=admain2&placement=578514&cto_pld=0tVfp2c2AACHSZ-SboYUhA#tblciGiCwkc3IQ6XK2jkuftg7POfOlgyfFcEcJt5RmI0KRqtpRCDwjE4olZ3zp-nEjuLZAQ

What do you wear with King Midas footwear? Jeans? Slacks? Maybe pull out your old Elvis gold jumpsuit and go out to eat with the Mrs.;&siteid=0&ipn=admain2&placement=578514&cto_pld=0tVfp2c2AACHSZ-SboYUhA#tblciGiCwkc3IQ6XK2jkuftg7POfOlgyfFcEcJt5RmI0KRqtpRCDwjE4olZ3zp-nEjuLZAQ;&siteid=0&ipn=admain2&placement=578514&cto_pld=0tVfp2c2AACHSZ-SboYUhA#tblciGiCwkc3IQ6XK2jkuftg7POfOlgyfFcEcJt5RmI0KRqtpRCDwjE4olZ3zp-nEjuLZAQ

It's a hard decision to be sure, but I think you are up to it. Get a pair and send us a photo of how you made gold high tops your new everyday wear.

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