The most romantic state in America is New Jersey according to a jewelry company who analyzed Google to see which state had the most inquiries about engagement rings, weddings and romantic places. That’s right, New Jersey was number one. It was followed by Delaware, New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Utah didn’t even make the top ten. 

Why is Utah not romantic? “Hey babe, you wanna get hitched? I have a piece of barbwire I twisted into a ring...” 

In a different survey that looked at what couples show love and commitment, Utah came in seventh. A much better showing, but we were beat out by Nevada who took the number one slot. That’s right, Nevada. People who are going through the Elvis drive-thru chapel have us beat. 

In a list of most romantic places in Utah, a couple were in or near St. George, so at least the Southern End of the State isn’t devoid of romantic possibilities. These two were Cliffrose in Springdale at the entrance to Zion National Park, and Cliffside on the Bluff above St. George. Both offer luxury hide getaways with amazing views. 

But I’m not sure romance has to come with a lot of money and an expensive resort. We live in so much natural beauty here in Southern Utah. Here’s three romantic places near St. George that you can easily get to, and you know, won’t cost you an arm and a leg, which truthfully, isn’t that romantic when I say it out loud. 

Snow Canyon Overlook. Looking into Snow Canyon, especially as the sun sets and lights up the sandstone. This is an easy walk along the golf course.

attachment-jake-nackos-B5J6FVpJYbk-unsplash (1)

A night hike up Shinob Kibe. This is the round bluff in Washington and is adventurous to hike in the day time. At night it offers solitude and an amazing view of the city lights.


Arches on the Red Hill. The sandstone grabs your feet and makes for an easy hike up the rounded rock above St George. You will also find small arches perfect for a cozy picture.


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