As the year wraps there are many compilates of the slang words of 2023 and yes I am dabbing terms throughout this pape to see which ones hit and which need to reside in Sun River.

There a bundle of slangs that got the nod for 2023 including bussin (very good) Sus (suspicious) and salty (resentful).

Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

What are the tricks to making Utah slang words that will stick?

Here are the steps from my 2020 (not the year, the vision).

Step 1: Discover Popular Words/Topics
This is key to the stickiness of your new term. If a subject is dissed often enough there will be creates who will be wanting to talk about it in a different or maybe a shorter way. Look for hot Utah issues that seem to pop over and over.

Step 2: Shorten It

One great thing about Slangs is that they save time. If you can say dissed (see above) instead of discussed you have saved a wopping .003 of a second.

Step 3: Combine Words

Combining words is almost just another way to save tick tocks again, (oh shoot I think Tik Tok beat me to that one). If you can combine words to give a deeper meaning without the time to explain it, you might have hit a “goldmine”. See?

Photo by Jessica Da Rosa on Unsplash
Photo by Jessica Da Rosa on Unsplash

Step 4: Use it

Try out your new slang, if it gets a chuckle or delights your brain when you hear it you are probs onto something. Regionality can favor your word so try to think Utah insider. Drop it in your conversations, type it in posts, say you heard your offspring say it, anything to see how your circles react.

Step 5: Keep Trying, But not too Hard

Slang moves and grows and shrinks. It’s curious and usually fun. So don’t overbeat, try ideas, let down your guard, mispell, be willing to look stupid and who knows you might be the one to introduce the next amazeballs slang to Southern Utah.

Step 6: Be a Groupy

Even if you are the sole author of a slang, it takes a group to keep it alive, and most of us aren’t going to know or care where it came from, so chillax enjoy the discoveryzone and don’t kill the momentum by trying to own it.

I hope this helps as you work on the slang that 2024 will embracify with full effect.

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