Super Bowl LVIII was a nail-biter with an overtime score of 22 - 25 for the Kansas City Chiefs. Travis Kelce who is famous for being Taylor Swift's current boyfriend, oh he also plays football for the Chiefs and now has a Super Bowl ring, but did I mention that he and Taylor Swift are dating? Anyway, he did very well on the field but the nail-biting continued this time by Taylor as he tried to sing "Viva Las Vegas" after the Super Bowl win.

She cringed, dogs howled and announcers tried not to cry, in pain, as he determinedly belted out the song that made Elvis famous and Travis infamous.

I mean he could have just chanted it or wooped like a normal winner, but Travis style he croaked out the song and to make it worse he decided to try and do all three verses and then to make it worse on worse he attempted to do the celebratory finale to the song.

It was so bad officials considered giving the game back to the 49ers on an eardrum offensive call. grimaced with a look of either, "There is my big man" or "I'm not sure my love life decisions are as good as my song choices" and then thankfully Travis moved on to delivering a profound oratory on the partying that would be taking place in Vegas.

Why did he do it, what caused him to risk his moment in the spotlight? Well here is a possible postulation:

Did you know that Utah has the second least number of professional singers in the state? Alaska has the fewest and Utah and South Dakota tie for the second least. So here is my theory, Travis upon finishing the game was facing NorthEast. He recognized Nevada's sister state and wanted to give us a tribute. He thought of beehives and the Jazz and then it hit him, we don't professionally sing as everyone who has read this article knows and he knew what he had to do to shout out to our noble state. Sing...badly.

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