Here in Southern Utah, baseball has always been a popular sport. Every year a High School team from Washington County goes deep in the state playoffs and usually there are multiple teams from our area. Utah Tech always has a good team and even won national championships when they were under the name Dixie State.  

Southern Utahn’s obviously excel at and enjoy baseball. Perhaps it’s because of the temperate weather that gives you a chance to play spring ball without snow drifts.  

Utah wants to build a baseball stadium to attract a major league baseball team to the state. Meanwhile, the Oakland A’s have proposed moving to Las Vegas. This could bring the major league product much closer. 

Living in state without a pro team, who do the people of Washington County cheer for? Do they pick one of the regional teams around us like the Diamond Backs from Arizona or the Rockies in Denver? Or do they choose to root for teams that have had a lot of success in the past?

You can figure out who Southern Utahns cheer for by the MLB apparel purchased in our area. There have also been surveys done and others have looked at where tickets from major league teams were purchased.  

So here is a somewhat scientific look at the top 5 MLB teams Washington County residents cheer for: 


Number 5: The Boston Red Sox. One of the most popular teams in the Country is going to have fans everywhere. 


Number 4: The New York Yankees. The team with the most world championships and largest fan base will also pick up fans in Southern Utah. 


Number 3: The Arizona Diamondbacks. This is the only one that seems to be based on proximity. They also had a World Championship in 2001 that may have helped. 


Number 2: The San Francisco Giants. Maybe because so many from California have moved to the area or possibly because of their long-term success. 


Number 1: The Los Angeles Dodgers. Not only does the blue crew do well in Southern Utah, but many also travel from this area to watch the games. You have to be a fan to suffer through traffic on the freeways to get to Dodger stadium and back.  


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