Stacker took data from Wallethub and compiled the 50 most fun cities in America and one city in Utah made the cut. That city was Salt Lake City. What? The place no National Basketball Association player can even stand to visit. Yes, Salt Lake City was number 28 on the list of most fun cities. Apparently, they didn’t consult the NBA

Stacker looked at 65 key metrics including fitness centers, how much a movie costs and breweries.

They also included places for high adventure, culture, great food, and dancing. Apparently, Salt Lake City has many home brewed beers despite being located in a famously dry state. As for the dancing, they must have counted youth dances at LDS Stake Centers. Just kidding, I have no idea on that part. 

It makes me wonder what Southern Utah city would rank highest in a list of the most fun Utah cities. I think the town of Brian Head would rank high. Lots of great mountain biking in the summer and of course the great snow sports. 

Photo by Paul on Unsplash
Photo by Paul on Unsplash

I’m guessing Moab would be there with all their recreation on the red rocks. Springdale should be there as well for all the hiking opportunities in Zion and some pretty tasty places to eat. You could probably put St, George on the list, maybe after Park City. 

Looking at all these great places to hike, ski and off-road, Utah is a pretty fun place to live. Of course, there are places that wouldn’t be on anyone’s fun list. Berl Junction for example. That place has so little going on that everybody already packed up and moved. 

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Stacker put together a list of the most fun cities in America based on a comparative metric of 182 states through WalletHub.

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