St. George hosted a very unique family this week as it travels across the country for the “L&L Man Quest”. 

A family of four has taken to the West on horseback to travel the U.S. in four years. The two sons, Levi 16, and Lucus 14 head up the quest while Josh White and his wife Tara assist along the way.  

The White family began this journey in April 2022 when they set out from Susanville, CA after deciding they needed a big change. So, they packed up what they needed, got rid of the rest, left their home state of Nevada, and headed to California.  

“We started this trip as an effort to make better men out of my son's, we really wanted the kids to see the country, and we realized that our things were starting to own us in our own lives,” Josh said.  

This week they followed the Old Spanish Trail which makes its way through Southern Utah and headed to St. George to stop for supplies, Josh said. The Dixie Sunbowl is the only place the White family could bring their five horses, three dogs, and two donkeys to rest overnight.  

Having spent a year on this journey, the family has really learned to roll with the punches as they juggle homeschooling, basic needs, and turning Levi and Lucus into men, Josh said.  

The boys have been running the whole show on this adventure by mapping out routes, taking on odd jobs when funds are needed, training horses and so much more. The boys have collected experience training horses while on their travels. 

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While on their way into town, St. George City Mayor Michele Randall greeted them, and several people have seen the family traveling around. However, they head out on Friday to continue their journey.  

“I always say the biggest change I've seen in the boys is their confidence for the world,” Tara said. “You know, they handle all the calls, they're working on their webpage and stuff. And they're learning all this at the same time while managing the animals.” 

Once the boys turn 18 the journey will end but for now, the White family is using this time to see the sights and learn how the cowboys became the men they were.  

“Take a deep breath, go back to your basics, go back to your roots, and then you'll find that happiness there,” Tara said.  

You can watch the L&L Man Quest YouTube videos here 

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