There has been much research done on the benefits of families who sing together. Just google “families that sing together study” and the articles and studies done extends all down the page. In families there is less quarreling, more unity and the children learn better. There have been several studies about how music brings people together in families and communities. 

My grandfather loved music and every weekend in the park in Payson he would lead a band concert in the center pavilion. I have great memories of running around in the dark while the music played from the lighted stage. 


My father was also a musician and was in a group named the 3D’s who traveled the country in the 60’s and early 70s. The album where they took famous poems and put them to music, still sells and is one of my favorites. 

Having a dad who could sing and play the guitar meant we always had music in our home. He also liked to sign us up to sing at church and other functions. I loved to sing a rousing version of “Waltzing Matilda,” a haunting Australian folk song that we would sing sitting around the living room. We would swing the little kids in the air on the chorus and it was such a fond memory. 

What wasn’t a fond memory was the singing in public part. I dreaded standing in front of others, especially my friends, and singing some hymn much too quietly for anyone to hear. 

Maybe that’s why I haven’t done a good job bringing music into my own home. This is a missed opportunity, I think. It is really good for children to learn songs and feel comfortable about booming them out in the shower. They learn this as you sing together, but it's not the only way. Listening to your favorite songs and holding an impromptu dance party can have the same effect. 

My Dad passed away a few years ago and I’ve decided it’s not too late to change my ways. I recently had my nephew learn one of my dad’s favorite songs that he wrote. We’re going to sing it with some family next time we get together. And probably follow it up with a rousing version of “Waltzing Matilda.”  

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