With the flooding that happened last year in Enoch, many residents are preparing for the runoff coming as the snow melts. Harold Barlow, owner of Cedar Equipment Rentals was heavily involved with clean up previously and is one of those making plans for any possible flooding this year.  

“The snow melt is going to add a whole other dynamic this year,” said Barlow. “We’ve got more snow up there than, ever since I can remember.” 

The flooding last year was after heavy rains and the results of fires during the summer that exacerbated the problem by leaving large scars on the mountains. This year, the snow is at record levels in the Utah mountains. Should all that snow melt and come down at once, there could be more flooding. 

The flash floods of 2022 caught people unaware. Barlow had some pumps on hand, but not enough and he quickly ordered more. They were constantly running to remove water out of basements and window wells. Learning from last year, they have made plans for the spring melt. 

“This year I thought, let’s really beef up our stock,” said Barlow. “So, I’ve got more pumps to rent, I’ve got plenty of hose. I’ve got sandbags.” 

They are going to start filling up the sandbags so people can just grab them and go. Barlow noted that he’s not the only one preparing and he is just trying to be a resource for those who may need help.  

“Last year everything hit so fast, everyone was kind of on damage control,” said Barlow. “If we can get to it soon enough this year, we can save a lot of damage.” 


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