Some people see more in the three eclipses that have will cross the United States of America starting in 2017, 2023 and the last in 2024. This article combines the three eclipses on the map and notes that it looks like a giant “Aleph” has been written across the land by the paths. 

The aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. If you google it, you won’t see a letter that looks much like it, but if you go back to how it was written in the ancient Hebrew alphabet, it matches better.  

Why would they find it significant that the aleph is written by the moon’s path? There is a lot of symbolism tied in with Hebrew letters. Aleph represents God, the beginning and the number one. It also has three strokes representing the trinity. 

This is a tweet from Randy Sevy that sums up the thoughts of those who see a sign: 

The number three biblically represents divine wholeness, completeness and perfection. This Aleph is from the Paleo-Hebrew script, also Palaeo-Hebrew, Proto-Hebrew or Old Hebrew. The writing system found in ancient inscriptions of biblical Israel and Judah. The Aleph ∡ represents the ox or bull. It is also represented in the stars as the constellation Taurus the Bull. Representative of God. 

What do you think? Is there any significance to the shadow the moon makes on the surface of the earth?

Whatever you think about the three eclipses, if you have ever stood under the shadow of the moon as it passes over, it can feel like a cosmic changing event. You should take the time to experience it if you can. 

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