When I've got friends in town, it's fun to take them to places that are surprising.  On one recent trip, we found Veyo Pies.  There's a big sign that makes the announcement "You're HERE" and it makes it so clear the pies inside this little building are little slices of heaven.  I've also stumbled upon Hurricane UT as the BEST place to get watermelon or peaches.  Who knew?  OK, everybody knew.  But I know now.  I just found theproduce market in Santa Clara.  And I don't even eat vegatables like most.  But it's great and I really got a kick out of sharing that with my friends when they came to town.  The antique store two doors down was a hit too.  So, DISH!!!  What little gems have you found that are worth sharing with the world?  Not long ago, I would have said 700 Degree Woodfired Pizza.  Not anymore.  'LOVED their pizza but they are gone.  Just went out of business and disappeared.  Handel's Homemade Ice Cream was a big hit too.  Now I'm on a quest to find even more and share them all.  So, if I fail now, I'll blame you for not sharing your favorite gems.  Have you been to Gunlock?  Swimming in the reservoir out there?  Did you know it was there?  Did you know you can take a bus ride to Salt Lake City for $12?  I didn't.  It's a boring drive that is now easier with a laptop - a movie and someone else to drive!!!

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