I swear, when I moved west in '91, I didn't know a roadrunner was a real thing.  Yes, I'm embarrassed but when a co-worker and I were driving along in Las Vegas and he said, "Oh look.  There's a roadrunner", I was stunned.   I grew up around water where we would often see a blue heron that has a wing span over 6 feet so I'm used to seeing odd birds but my first road runner (and every one since) cracked me up.  A while back after one of our big rock slides here, you may have seen a Facebook post with a gigantic rock in the middle of the road with the caption, "$20 says there's a coyote under there".

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The latest bit of wildlife that is puzzling me is... frogs.  Again, there were frogs everywhere when I was a kid but now when I hear several hundred frogs at night in Diamond Valley, I'm puzzled.  Not by their sound or just seeing them around.  But how they got there and how they stay alive.  After one of our biggest storms recently, I could hear countless frogs croaking away at night.  I get that.  But how did they make it out to Diamond Valley.  Have you see how frogs travel?  One 6 to 8 inch hop at a time.  There are no lakes near me out there so while I'm not surprised to see one show up, I want to ask him, "How did you survive April, May and June with NO rain?"

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I have a friend who has spent his entire life working with electronics of all kinds but he's never seen a lightening bug.  And he is FASCINATED!  We had fireflies everywhere when I was little.  When I lived in Florida years ago, people would be attacked by alligators now and then as they walked down the sidewalk.  That too was new to me.  What regional wildlife fascinates you?

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