Relief from Neuropathy 

A study by Loma Linda University that works to increase blood flow in the feet has shown benefits for people who suffer from neuropathy in their feet. Neuropathy is an often painful condition where the nerves can cause different sensations such as numbness, burning, and a tingling sensation. 

Many people who have diabetes and cancer treatments will suffer from this condition. It can cause pain that disrupts sleep and affects the balance. A surprising number of people deal with this every day. 

More than 20 million people in the U.S. are estimated to have some form of peripheral neuropathy, but this figure may be significantly higher as not all people with symptoms of neuropathy are tested for the disease and tests currently do not look for all forms of neuropathy. 

What is the Treatment? 

The treatment involves increasing blood flow to the affected areas by stretching the feet and legs. There are small connecting vessels that are blocked and using this method, they are able to open them and increase blood flow the effected nerves.

This stretching opens up these small vessels between skin layers. The pressure applied straightens the vessels and moves the blood through. With the blood getting through to the nerves the patients have reported less pain. 

Diagnosing the Exact Problem 

There is much more to it, including looking at each patient’s lifestyle to determine if there are other factors contributing to it. They do different treatments to find out what part of the body needs attention and what stretching works. 

When they have figured out how to get the blood there, the patient can do the exercises at home. Those who developed this are training others on the treatment which is called Intraneural Facilitation. This could be a big benefit for those looking for relief from neuropathy. 

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