Chick-fil-A has announced that they are launching a content-providing and creation service. Which makes me wonder what kind of programs we might see from them.

I am thinking this is a company that could help the Chicken Run movies give a more rounded story to Mrs. Tweedy. Maybe her evil empire would be given a little more leniency. I mean "Dawn of the Nugget" could basically have been their origin story.

But, what if the Chick-fil-A content provider were to bend their ear towards their many Utah franchises? What sort of insight could their programming give us then?

"Jurassic Park: Utah Edition" could feature a thrilling scene where raptors take a detour on their way to the I-15, causing havoc at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru. Think of how Doctor Grant would have excitedly defended the point that these same raptors would be served in the restaurant after evolution had its way of turning them into birds.

I mean come on "Jurassic Park: World Dominion" is basically the Utah cattle rancher story right? It is just begging to happen.

"The Fast and the Furious: Line of the Determined," where Dom and the team high-speed drift into the incredibly long, but exceptionally efficient line at Chick-fil-A. High adrenaline morphs into a thrilling showcase of the art of ordering Chick-fil-A on the go.

Even the Wizarding World of Harry Potter might get a Utah twist. Picture "Harry Potter and the Fryer of Secrets," where Hogwarts introduces a magical Chick-fil-A that only opens on weekdays, and the Utah students must solve a series of riddles to access the secret to the "Closed on Sunday" policy.

Photo by Alexey Ruban on Unsplash
Photo by Alexey Ruban on Unsplash

How did Chick-fil-A get into the business of content creation? The company owns a studio complex in Atlanta named Trilith. This is a state-of-the-art studio set that is turning heads in Hollywood from stunt people and the acting set to directors. If you are shaking your head wondering if this idea is going to fly you should know that Trilith has already been used for some pretty big projects. If you are a fan of Marvel's Avengers then you have probably seen footage from Trilith.

Well, I hope Trilith takes some time to talk to their Utah stores and see the magic that pairing the "Great State" of Utah with the "My Pleasure" taste of Chick-fil-A could provide.

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