No More Sprinklers? 

Should you install a subsurface irrigation system to conserve water and lower your water bill? There is legislation moving through the Utah legislature designed to help conserve water. One bill would require new government projects to use a drip system for any grass areas. 

People in Southern Utah are also looking at ways to conserve water. There is more desert landscaping being installed in new homes. If you would still like some grass in your yard, watering below the surface might be the answer.

What Does a Subsurface Irrigation System Look Like? 

Sprinklers can be inefficient by losing water through evaporation and overspray on sidewalks and driveways. Delivering water straight to the soil underneath the grass overcomes these problems. It can save up to 40% of water usage as compared to sprinklers.

It works like a drip system with a series of pipes underneath the grass. These are installed before sod or seed is grown on top. Then it is run through a sprinkler timer to the different zones. 

What Kind of Maintenance is Required? 

You won’t have to replace sprinklers or have trouble breaking them with the lawn mower, however, there are problems that can occur mostly with the drip openings getting clogged. To clear them you may have to dig holes in your lawn. 

Before you start pulling up your grass and start installing a system, you will probably want to talk to a professional who has experience installing a subsurface system. The soil needs to be consistent to avoid dry spots and some testing to see if it is working correctly. 

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