I’ve learned more about horses over the last few years than I ever wanted to know but I’ve learned they are amazing animals.  I’ve lived in places where the weather would turn really cold and I was sure the horses were freezing.  But you toss them some hay and their metabolism warms them right up.  They’re also really smart but yet they do stupid things.  We’ve built barns with awnings that allow the horses to come and go but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked out the window when there’s freezing rain or a snow storm to see the horse standing out in the elements.   All over southern Utah, I see horses standing in the sun when there is shade provided by their owners.  I’ve watched my wife put fly masks on these guys and they’d fight her every time.  They have finally figured out the masks keep the flies out of their eyes so they walk toward her now when she’s carrying the masks each morning.  For some reason, they’re still convinced that there is no difference between a bottle of fly spray and a flamethrower because they still run from that.  BUT, once the fly masks (that they HATE) are on and she’s squirted them with fly spray, it’s surprising how calm they are.  SO, if you have horses but you are not putting a fly mask on them, I encourage you to give it some thought.  I’m also sorry to admit, I’ve put on a fly mask and you can see out just fine. There is some kind of food additive that some in the horse community use that is supposed to kill the flies that gather on the manure but I've heard mixed reviews on that.  Have you tried it?

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