Costco Membership Offering More 

Costco is a popular place in Southern Utah especially on Saturdays. And it is no wonder with all the great items you can buy like monster packs of toilet paper and everything from cleaning supplies to fresh muffins. And of course, there is the cheap gas with cars lined up six deep. 

To enhance your shopping experience, Costco continues to add new items for their members. Now you will be able to purchase a weight loss program. I’m not talking about eating hotdogs at the food court, this is a program with a clinician you can consult with. 

Visits with a Physician 

Last year Costco teamed with a company called Sesame to offer members visits with a primary physician. From feedback they received, many were looking for a weight loss program and now they have moved forward to fill that need. 

Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash
Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash

For $179 for a three-month period, members can work with a clinician who will consult with you to lose weight. They will create a nutritional plan and follow up regularly on how you are doing. You can find out more information at 

Weight Loss Medication 

If it is recommended by the clinician, members can have weight loss medications paired with their overall plan. This could provide affordable solutions and with a pharmacy in the store, this could be easily accomplished. 

I like the idea, but I will stick with my current Costco weight loss plan which is wandering the store lifting bulk items into my cart and eating only the little samples for a couple hours. I get my cardio exercise, muscle work out, and small portions. It’s perfect. 

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