Kids love shooting games like Nerf guns that shoot foam bullets, air-soft guns that shoot hard little pellets, to the bruising paint ball guns that fire hard balls of paint. There may be a new version on your kids Christmas list soon. Check out the BolaWrap gun. 

This is not something available to the general public. It was made for police officers as a non-lethal way to bring down a perpetrator. It shoots a cable out with weights on the end that wraps around the person’s legs or arms depending on where it is aimed. They are already using it for law enforcement at the University of Utah. 

There was a time when only police officers had tasers. Now you can purchase one at a sporting goods store. This technology could go that way as well. I’m sure this could be pretty dangerous, especially if you wrapped it around someone’s head. I also think it could make a wild game like paint ball.

I have run around the sandstone rocks of Southern Utah playing paint ball with wrist rockets. We wear safety goggles and helmets and it is a ton of fun. I think a game of BolaWraps could be amazing and it seems like others would pick up on It quickly. 

I don’t know that I would play it in the desert, it would be more of a grass game. Somewhere soft to land on when you stumble and fall. It would be kind of like tackle football and flag football combined. Maybe they could make a softer version for the public that uses Nerf like ropes. 

If not this Christmas, look for it in the coming years. “Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a BolaWrap gun.” 

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