Are you ready for the latest in outdoor Christmas décor? Have you researched what is cool to put on your house this year to cause decoration envy among your neighbors? Well, I’m here to get you up to speed. You want to look into meteor shower lights. 

These look like a meteor shower is coming through the branches of your trees or down the front of your house. They are LED lights that zoom downward creating the effect and they come in multiple colors. 

Now you are wondering if you can do this and still afford presents for your kids? The answer is absolutely not. If you are going to show up the neighbors, it is going to cost you. Just think of telling your children that their gift this year was the green-eyed envy seen in the folks across the street. Merry Christmas kids! 

You can connect up to two strands with eight meteor lights on each that will cost you close to $40. To really light up a tree, it is going to take multiple places to plug in and probably a couple hundred bucks to make it look the way you want. 

Truthfully, I like to decorate my house, but it has become more painful to get out there and do it every year. Besides, to really make a display worth seeing takes way too much work. I’m hoping this inspires someone else to spend the money and effort so I can drive by and enjoy it in my car.

Besides, I was hoping for something else this Christmas, like a truck. 

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