It’s a new year but there are still old problems, like Covid-19 which keeps getting weirder and more transmissible with each variant.  

The latest variant, JN. 1, has made its way across the U.S. and is now making up about 60% of the cases in the country, according to the latest CDC report. That includes cases in Utah. So, once again the beehive state is dealing with this awful virus and the CDC is expecting to see more cases this month.  

It is the season.  

The JN. 1 strain is the most common strain of the COVID-19 virus right now and was detected in the U.S. in September.  

So, what can Utahns expect from this new strain? 

Well, it comes with all the usual symptoms like loss of taste, headaches, muscle aches, fevers, shortness of breath, and nausea. However, there are reports that this strain comes with two new and unusual symptoms which are ways less obvious.  

Some reports have said that JN.1 also can cause high anxiety and trouble sleeping.  

The trouble with those symptoms is that it could be from regular life stress or even a common cold. So, since this variant is detectable by Covid-19 tests, you can check if you have it. The Today Show reported that though JN.1 is highly transmissible, the CDC hasn’t seen too many serious cases.  

The Covid-19 boosters are also said to work against this variant and are still recommended by the CDC. However, you can also protect yourself by making sure to wash your hands thoroughly, mask up if you are feeling sick, and stay away from other sick people.  


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