Instacart looked at what flavor of ice cream each state purchased the most. What do Utahns choose? There are so many flavors available. Sometimes I stand in the ice cream isle with my mouth watering. Butter Pecan, cookies and cream, black cherry or even peanut butter double chocolate caramel?

California does rocky road and Oregon is into mint chip. New Mexico is all by itself with coffee flavor. So, did Utah also stand out by itself?

Nope, the most popular flavor in America is also Utah's number one...vanilla. That’s it. More people are buying plain old vanilla than any other flavor. Hopefully, they are making root beer floats or banana splits or some other dessert. 


I remember my mom taking me with her on a special date that was just me and her. She stopped at Baskin Robbins. We stood there looking at all the 31 flavors behind the glass. She asked me what flavor I wanted and when I answered “vanilla”, she gave me that “are you kidding me look”. I had no clue why she thought my choice was not great. All I knew was that I really liked the taste of vanilla. 

Now, I understand and when I saw Utah’s favorite choice for ice cream, I may have had the same look on my face that my mom did that night.  

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko:
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko:

I worked at Cold Stone Creamery many years ago. Back then when you were mixing flavors for customers you always started with a base of vanilla. Every once in a while, a family would come in and one of the younger kids would look over all the toppings. Fudge, gummy worms, Kit Kats, sprinkles, snickers, and they would ask for plain old vanilla. Invariably the parents would roll their eyes.  

Don’t worry kid, you’re in the majority. Here in the U.S. and apparently in Utah. We like it plain and simple. Get all those crazy flavors out of there and give me what’s left. 

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