Auto Wreckers have a unique insight into the dependability of different vehicles. They purchase recently wrecked cars, trucks and SUV's which they break down for usable parts that they sell to auto shops and the public. Because they sell the parts, they see which ones are most requested and get a really good idea about what car manufacturers require the most work and which are the most dependable. 

Jared Hardy, who runs Southwest Auto Recycling in Washington, has a perspective from years of being in the auto salvage business. He gave me the top three carmakers that you can always depend on for quality vehicles. 

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3. Honda. People hang on to these for years. 

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2. Lexus. You get what you pay for, which is quality. 

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1. Toyota. These cars last forever. 

These carmakers have kept their reliability across all models according to Hardy. If you want a dependable car that you can drive for a couple hundred thousand miles, these are your best bets. 

"If you buy a car or truck from other manufacturers like Chevrolet, Ford, even Hyundai, you should stay with their higher line if you want more dependability," he said. "That doesn’t mean the rest of the vehicles can’t be good vehicles, you just may have to trade it in or sell it sooner." 

Hardy gave some further advice that can keep you in a dependable car. “Buy used and sell when the vehicle hit 100,000 miles. Also, maintain your vehicle. Make sure you change the oil when it needs changing. This will keep any car moving,” according to Hardy. 

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