Utah has embraced the work-from-home model.  

Like flying cars, working from home has long been the dream for many employees. It’s time you analyze your job and determine if you can join the throngs of Utahns who have committed a part of or all of their day working from home. A story from Cache Valley Daily states. 

In 2019, about 7 percent of Utahns were working from home on a regular basis. That number jumped to 20 percent by 2021, according to the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah. 


Yes, working from home has been a growing trend for several years, and COVID-19 has only accelerated this movement. Don’t get caught with your pants down, (unless you are already working from home in which case just don’t stand up too fast while on an online meeting) take some time to see if part or all of your job could be done in the comfort of your home.  


You get more autonomy. No one looking over your shoulder to see if you are “giving 110% to your day” You know you are doing your job now you don’t have to try and look like your doing your job. I remember working at an office furniture store and we delivery boys actually had an empty big box we would carry around to look busy when things were slow and the boss came by. Say goodbye to the days of trying to look like your working.  

Every day is pet day. Beware, they do have a knack for knowing when you are on a meeting. It’s amazing how fast an independent 50 lb. boxer becomes a lap dog, a cat develops a talent for keyboarding and a quiet introspective pet becomes the noble very vocal guard pet. But you get to be there for the normal hours as well.  

Photo by Trà My on Unsplash
Photo by Trà My on Unsplash

Shared bathrooms are a thing of the past. Your stall is your stall, decorated the way you like it with your choice of toilet paper, soap, and a bathtub in case you really decide to get artistic while you work.  

Lunch breaks? How about a hobbit routine of breakfast, second breakfast, and elevenses? Meal time, snack time is anytime. 


Your commute is now from bedroom to office or from south bedroom to north bedroom depending on where you have set up your office. Talk about light traffic even on Parade of Home week.  

Take a look at your workday and determine if you too can take some of your work home with you, and leave it there. Put on your big boy jammies and talk to your boss to see if they will allow it and then take the leap. Spend some time at it and see if you too can be working from home.  

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