Segway’s latest creation is the modern version of the chair carried by muscled men in ancient cities. I think Segway knows their business as they have made a fortune selling their products, but this latest electric vehicle seems a little silly to me.

This is the Segway S-Pod. It is a chair, like a big recliner that you can drive around town. Just like everything Segway makes, it balances on two wheels and is battery propelled. They say it can go up to 40 kilometers per hour so that would be about 24 mph. Pretty fast for a recliner. 

This looks a lot like the moving chairs from the movie Wall-E. The lumpy, bean bag like people cruising around the ship of the future in floating recliners while staring at a video screen. It would be hard for me to be seen cruising the Red Cliffs Mall in one of these for that reason.

It also reminds me of the race where they turn couches into rolling vehicles. We seem to have a long-time fascination with making our living room furniture travel.

I would like to see it beefed up with some off-road wheels and a lot more power. Instead of a side by side on the weekends roaring through Warner Valley, I could be comfortably sitting in my Segway. I might need a roll cage, though. I hope they sell a ton of them and make my dream of off-roading in comfort a reality.

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