According to a ranking of the safest states by Wallethub, Utah came in at #4. Vermont was #1 followed by Main and New Hampshire. That’s high on the list, especially considering we have Nevada on one side at #31 and Colorado on the other coming way down at #37. Makes you want to put up a wall of bubble wrap on the borders in-between. 

Wallethub looked at six different categories. Personal & residential, financial, road safety, workplace safety and emergency preparedness. Surprisingly, Utah was #2 overall for financial and workplace safety, but only at #5 for emergency preparedness. Apparently, Maine has far more preppers than the beehive state. 

Photo by Ray Shrewsberry on Unsplash
Photo by Ray Shrewsberry on Unsplash

There is another interesting insight about Utah from the information. Looking at law-enforcement employees per capita, Utah is way down at #47. So, it’s not more police presences of law enforcement that is giving Utah higher safety. It seems the safety comes from the people. It may be that people in Utah choose safety more than being compelled. 

Utah’s lowest category was in personal and residential safety with a ranking of #19. This includes how many of the population is vaccinated from Covid. Utah is at 74% percent of the population having at least one dose while Vermont is at 95% according to USA facts. That lowered that Utah's ranking in that category.

If you are happy about Utah being so high in safety, here are the states rounding out the bottom. Louisiana at #50 with Mississippi next followed by Arkansas. If you are driving through that southern part of the nation, lock your doors and put the pedal down. Might want to wrap the vehicle in bubble wrap as well. 


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