This restaurant in St. George is a great place for barbecue and my wife and I enjoyed the food, but my wife liked it even more for another reason. We stopped at Pica Rica American Barbecue on Main St. during lunch time. 

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To start with, the food was good. She had the pulled pork sandwich, and I got the smoked fried chicken sandwich and we shared some of each. The pork was not as sweet as I expected, and I liked it that way. It also had a little crunch to it although it was juicy.  

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We got the coleslaw on the side and ended up putting it on the sandwich. It was well balanced for the meat. We also had mac n' cheese on the side that was hot and cheesy. 

The smoked fried chicken was crunchy and juicy in the middle. It had some spice that had a delayed effect. It came with a pickle and lettuce on a bun. 

The sauces that were included were delicious. The barbecue sauce was exceptional, and the honey mustard was tasty as well. 


Some people think you need to be in the south to enjoy good barbecue, but when I was in South Carolina, I ate at one of the best places offering Carolina barbecue. It was really good, and I talked to the owner and found out he was from Indiana. I think the secret to a good barbecue is talent rather than location and Pica Rica doesn’t disappoint. 

Here is the reason my wife liked the place, the seating. She is of diminutive stature, in other words, she’s short, and she often can’t touch the ground on seats made for a normal person. She appreciated the bar to put her feet on.  

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"Look, I don’t have to sit with my feet off the ground,” she said, then added. “Short people problems.” 

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