I'm probably alone in my worry about the people who ride their bikes or run along the shoulder of our highways around Southern Utah.  I worry too about people who are visually impaired trying to navigate the sidewalks along Bluff street.  One of my college buddies was blind so I notice things like that.  On one side of the street, the sidewalk is fine.  On the other, there are drains and hazards where the sidewalk just goes away.  That has to be fun.  But for today, let's focus on the highways.  And by the way, let's FOCUS on the HIGHWAYS is something people need to do.


Lately - only AFTER I would see someone leave their lane, I grab my camera and take a quick picture.  I've missed a few drivers who actually drove into the grass at 65 mph or more.  That was really disappointing to miss them.  But there were always more cars or trucks to capture driving off of the road.  I'm not sure if they are texting, eating or what but I worry about the joggers and bike riders.  Luckily most of the runners face the oncoming traffic but not the bike riders.  I love the hiking/biking trails that weave all over this part of Utah and wish these people would use them.


The complete message on the electric sign you saw here says something like "Use Caution.  Cyclists on the road".  In some places, it looks like the shoulder is barely more than a foot wide.  What happens when you are riding your bike there when one of these knuckleheads runs off the road there?  There are rumble strips in the middle of the road too and I'm embarrassed to say that I have heard them as my car got too close to the center line.  But in a fitness-minded community like this, I encourage everyone to put down their phone, or their burrito or the Rubik's cube and watch the road.

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