One of my best friends in Chicago starts his day the same way every morning. He goes to the northwest herald dot com, and looks through the bookings page. Page after page of good folks from McHenry County Illinois who were arrested the previous day.

Dischevelved mug shots, DUI's, domestic disturbance, weed, larceny...and the satisfaction that comes across his face when he sees someone he knows, it's like hitting three sevens at a slot machine for him.

It brings him great joy.


Publicly calling out people and putting there picture out for the world to see...

"Yes, I stole an iPhone from Best Buy"

"Yes, I got caught with weed in my Civic"

Having their picture out there is worse than the few hours in custody at the McHenry County jail.

This is what the NBA needs to do with floppers.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four
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Take their picture!

Keep a stat. Put LeBron and Draymond's flop count right next to their points and rebounds.

Every game hand the official a poster with the pictures of the floppers who will be playing in the game.


Show them on the jumbotron so the fans can boo them during the layup line.

One of the biggest reasons that the casual basketball fan has dropped off from watching the NBA is because of flopping.


Gambling is the worst thing that can happen to your sport. Flopping is the second worst! Don't let the NBA turn into European soccer. Shame the floppers.

SV Werder Bremen v FC Bayern München - Bundesliga
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The Kennecott Copper Mine in Herriman Utah is the world's largest man-made hole in the ground. It's like the Grand Canyon but without all that "nature" crap.


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