Utah has is home to some pretty cool birds. Here are three I like that you can find in your backyard here in the beehive state. These are the Steller’s Jay, Green Tailed Towhee and the Ferruginous Hawk. It’s tempting to grab a camera and start collecting pictures of local birds. 

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People who become birdwatchers can be passionate about the birds they have seen and those they want to add to their collection. It is serious business. They have books filled with notes about what they have seen and where.  

I would be a birder, but I’m much too lazy. Luckily this is America and there is always a product available to fill any need. Here’s the best way to collect bird pictures for a person like me. 

The Selfie Bird Feeder 

There are several bird feeders on the market that will take a nice close-up picture of the bird standing on the shelf eating. These pictures can be sent right to your phone. These cameras are equipped with motion sensors that snap a photo when movement is detected. 

The cameras contain a battery to power them, however some models come with small solar panels on the roof that supply power. Others can search a database and identify the bird you are looking at.  

Some have serious cameras that will even get high definition at night. It can take videos of the whole interaction along with a microphone to catch the sound. Of course, you can control everything through your phone via Bluetooth. 

Never has birdwatching been so easy. I may buy one of these and send it by UPS to visit exotic locations where I can look for birds from the comfort of my couch. This is America and even birdwatching should be effortless.

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