Legendary Band: The Guess Who Coming To Southern Utah

I talked with Garry Peterson, one of the founding members of The Guess Who. He’s been a part of 15 charting albums and numerous hits. The Guess Who is going to be playing March 14th at Tuacahn.  

Peterson is 78 years old and hasn’t sat back and lived off his earlier success. They released a brand-new album this year with 8 new songs which they are shooting video for. It’s named Plein D’Amour and is available on You Tube. 

“The real juice for musicians and bands is to write new material,” said Peterson. 

I admire his creative spirit. He says they are already working on a new album. “Unless you're not open to learning, then you're just going to play the gig and the old songs. That’s not what you’re going to see when you see this band.” 

I asked him to picture himself as that young kid playing the drums and driving down the road with dreams of making music and playing for screaming fans. Now with all the success and years of experience behind him, what would he tell his younger self? 

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“Keep yourself in better physical shape,” said Peterson. “You’re going to be here a while.” I think all of us who continue through life can relate to this advice. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing.” 

The Guess Who and Garry Peterson are an example to all of us of following your passion whether you are a punk teen trying to make it in the recording industry or a grizzled vet who keeps learning new things and making new music. Keep driving, keep seeking.  

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