I grew up skiing in Utah and I love snow sports. When I was young, my family didn’t have much money and I spent all that I had on the lift ticket. My equipment was the next priority so by the time I got to my snow gear, it was whatever I had, which was a coat and a pair of jeans.

Little did I know they would one day make snow pants that look like you are wearing Levis. I was way ahead of my time. 


The latest gear in snow gear is not one I would have predicted either. If you want the latest look in snow pants, you need to visit the store for fisherman, not the snow board shop. Kids are picking up the waders that people use to fish in rivers. This is from SyleAltitude.com:

There is one new look that's trending: super-sized salopettes, like fishermen's waders. Wear them over your jacket for an outerwear look that's vibing whether in the terrain parks or Shoreditch. 

I didn’t see this one coming. These are the waders that have suspenders that pull over your coat. It makes sense. These things are built to keep out any water and they are made to keep you warm in a freezing river. It is kind of smart. 

Of course, you can buy waders specifically made for snow sports. They just aren't much different than those made for hunting and fishing. The camouflaged patterns are popular. Here’s a video of a guy making himself a pair. He takes off the attached boot and he’s ready to go.  

These also come in colors to blend in with the forest. There’s the added benefit of being dressed in camouflage so you can easily avoid the ski patrol when heading out of bounds.  

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