VanFest is coming to Southern Utah.

I have had the dream of drifting through the world exploring new towns and new places without being tied down to a mortgage, home repairs, showing up for work. There is a festival taking place at the end of October for those of us with a roaming spirit. Everything you need to know about putting your home on wheels and hitting the highway. 

Photo by KúKú Campers:
Photo by KúKú Campers:

On Saturday October 28th , and Sunday the 29th 2023, VanFest will be Utah’s only vanlife festival event in Hurricane, Utah! VanFest is a custom nomadic vehicle festival dedicated to introducing the adventurous at heart to the vanlife experience! 

This is where you can explore what it would be like to untether your day-to-day routine and cruise off into the sunset. As they say in the press release, picture the parade of homes for van living. You can check out customized vehicles, talk to people living the life, along with workshops, plus meet influencers.

Throw in live music, food, drinks and giveaways, and you have a great event. Bring your kids as there will be trick or treating from the vans and booths. Get your little ghost and goblins to be part of the costume contest. Get VanFest on your calendar now. It will be a ton of fun. 

Alt Bloom will be performing at the event. Check out his music.  

Other artists will include South for Winter, Jason Walsmith, James Gilmore, Tyler Dhone, and Cross Eyed Possum. All these artists understand the nomad spirit. 

Kids under 12 are free. General Admission tickets are $20 per person, and they include access to the entire event - both days! Purchase your tickets online at 

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