Decorating for Christmas involves lots of green and red along with some gold and silver. Have you thought of adding the color black to those decorations? Many in Utah are making the decision to add a darker look to their Christmas. 

With homes featuring more dark woods and black and white granite countertops the last few years, the Christmas decorations have followed suit. One of the trends that has picked up interest is black Christmas trees.

Home Depot and Walmart offer synthetic trees with needles in a shiny black color. These trees are available mostly online.

In a home with dark wood and stark white colors, this tree can be set off with white lights and bright ornaments that complements the room. You can even flock your tree to set off the contrast.

The other way to go is to decorate your traditional green Christmas tree with all black ornaments. Everything from the balls to the star on the top can be midnight black. These can be shiny or matte black depending on the look you are going for.

If you really want to go all-in on the trend, you can purchase a black Christmas tree and cover it in black ornaments. You can even include black Christmas wrapping for the presents.

Just be careful in the middle of the night when you are putting presents under the tree. You could trip over and into your yule tide declarations. 

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