The Bread Store in St. George is going out of business. It is actually named Sara Lee Bakery Outlet, but I have always known it as the Bread Store. It is a staple of southern Utah and now it is closing its doors when the inventory runs out. 

I talked with Kathy, a long-time employee of the store, and she said they looked at other locations, but they could not find anything in their price range.  

If you have never visited the Sara Lee Bakery Outlet, they have offered outlet prices on Sara Lee products as well as all kinds of bread. The jams and jellies were especially tasty. St. George will miss this business that offered an affordable alternative to grocery store prices. 


When I walked in, I found the shelves nearly empty. I grabbed three loaves of Grandma Sycamore's bread and some of the last hotdog buns. I felt like an old friend was giving me their last. This place is going to be missed. Their ratings on google are a solid 4.7. 

Tori Trent described it well in this review: 

Great selection and the best prices in town! I go there to stock up on my bread then they give me a free item off the free shelf. You only need to spend $10 to get the free item! 

 With the bread store closing, this from JPP sums up my feelings: 

So sad they are permanently closing Sept. 30. Have always enjoyed Kim and others. We needed them in our area! 

 We wish you the best Sara Lee Baker Outlet. I will miss the smell of bread and baked goods. You have served us well. 

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