You are about to enter roundabout in St George when you see a semi-truck with three trailers pulling in off the freeway. 

Roundabouts in Southern Utah already make many drivers nervous. Especially the busy ones in Bloomington and downtown by the tabernacle. Cars zooming in and out and the stress of seeing your lane end and having to get over to continue on. Now add a semi-truck and most drivers want to back up and find another way around. 

Trucks have a wider turning radius and navigating a tight roundabout can be tricky. They may need to hug the inside lane then cross into the outer lane when exiting out of the circle.  The best advice is to stay away from driving next to them. 

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Seems simple enough. But this can be frustrating when the truck is moving slowly and there’s a line behind you. However, what’s even more frustrating, is getting side swiped and waiting for a police officer to come take a report. 

This leads to the second thing you should never do in a roundabout. Don’t stop. 

Let’s say you do end up next to a semi. Don’t hit the brakes. You can slow down or possibly speed up to get out of the way, but stopping is not a good plan. 

The reason roundabouts are popular is they cause less accidents due to the slower speeds. They also keep traffic moving. There is the added benefit of getting your heart beating from sheer terror.  

Remember, if you miss your turn, you can always go around again. 


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