With the ease of streaming first run movies at home, why is it we still want to watch any movies in a theatre? After the changes during the pandemic of streaming services rolling out first run movies that you can watch sitting on your couch, it seemed like movie theatres with a big bucket of popcorn were becoming obsolete.

However, some things don't change. Big blockbuster movies are enjoyable to watch in a group. These movies become an event everyone is talking about and the shared experience with others enhances it. You can't get this community together feeling sitting at home on your couch.

With a new Spider Man hitting theatres, my son and his friends are determined to be sitting in prime seats for the very first showing in St George. I totally get it. There's something enjoyable about experiencing a movie premiere that you're a big fan of.

I have been in packed movie premiers where the audience has sighed and laughed at different points of the film, sometimes even getting a standing ovation at the end. Experiencing the roller coaster of emotions with a crowd as you discover together a favorite story as it evolves, is a bonding experience. As strangers, you are welded together by your fandom.

With summer movies in the park beginning in St. George and other cities in Southern Utah, this can also be enjoyable. The park is full of people sitting in lawn chairs and on blankets as they watch a favorite movie from the past together. A more intimate version of the old drive in theatres, laughing and enjoying a classic while little kids run around the grass in the dark, can be a lot of fun.

If it has been a long time since you watched a movie on something bigger than your flat screen, maybe you should catch the next big movie premiere at the movie theatre. Or catch one of the movies in the park. The best part, the one's in the park are free.

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