Battle The Philistines as Israel’s Greatest King 

A self-published video game title has been released based on stories from the bible. It is named The Anointed and you can play as a 16-year-old King David as he defends his country from invaders. As you play you reenact scenarios and stories from the bible. 

This is a first-person style game with sword fighting, sneaking around, fulfilling quests as you complete the story line. It takes place in ancient Israel moving from different cities including Jerusalem to desert canyons and the Judean hills and mountains. 

You start out defending sheep from predators and move on to serving King Saul and defeating Goliath. Eventually you play missions where David is an outlaw running from Saul and end with becoming King and defending the nation. 

Makers of the Game See It as a Mission 

The game is still in the demo version and is working for a full release. It is free to download, and the makers hope to inspire kids to learn more about the bible and how they can find answers there. Like David in the game, they hope they find a higher purpose for their lives. 

I don’t know if gamers will really want to play this game. It depends on if it is well made and fun to engage in. Maybe the higher purpose will resonate with young people. It will be interesting to see. 

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I am sure there are many parents who wouldn’t mind their kids playing bible stories rather than those games where you run around stealing cars. It would be fun to hear some parent yelling at their kid, “Hey, enough of all that sunshine, get in here and start playing video games, mister.” 

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