You need a laundry chute in your home, and I’m not talking about an opening that drops it through something like an air duct using gravity, I’m talking about the Laundry Jet. This works kind of like the chutes you see at the bank drive-through where you send your deposit in the tubes. This chute sucks the clothes through an opening and send it up to 40 miles per hour to the laundry room. 

No more carrying clothes up and down the stairs in laundry baskets, just toss it into the chute and air power delivers it to the washer for you. This is so much fun, your kids will be excited to clean the dirty clothes off their bed. In fact, they may like it so much they could try to send other things through that were never intended. 

It would be quite the rush for the family gerbil. I’m not in any way condoning putting pets in the laundry chute, but I could see myself as a child watching the little guy truckin’ around in his gerbil ball and...I might get ideas. 

Even better, what if they made a big hose end that would suck the clothes off the floor  and deposit them in the right place? If you made it big enough, you could suck all the toys up as well and shoot them right into the closet. 

Having said that, I do not want anyone using this revolutionary product in a way it was not intended. Treat it responsibly and all that. And do not, under any circumstances, put your baby brother’s rear end in the tube and leave him hanging there. I hope we are clear on that. 

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