Salt Lake City Described in the Dead Sea Scrolls 

In 1946 some boys tossed a rock into a cave near the Dead Sea in Israel and heard the sound of pottery breaking. This led to the discovery of nearly a thousand ancient scrolls that had been stored in clay jars and going back as far as 2000 years ago.

One of the ancient writings discovered is the New Jerusalem Scroll. A prophecy written on the manuscript is a description of a city. A researcher named J. J. Brown has pointed out that it seems to be describing Salt Lake City. 

What Does the Scroll Say? 

The ancient writing describes a place called the New Jerusalem that would be built in a later date. This is a translation of the text: 

The city itself was divided into square blocks like a checkerboard. Each block was surrounded by a spacious street, and the city as a whole was divided by larger streets, three passing from east to west, and two passing from north to south. 

It goes on to say the city was laid out according to the compass. It also describes how the streets begin at a temple and specifically a street to the north named after it. It even mentions the large sidewalks.

Too Big to be an Ancient City 

In the scrolls it describes a city of 18.67 miles by 13.33 miles. This is much too big to be any ancient city. It describes a large area that is oblong. The land set aside for Salt Lake was quite large right from the beginning.

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Brown measured the size of Salt Lake using Google Earth. He found the length measured at 18.72 and the width at 13.36 miles. These are within 0.05 off from the size written in the New Jerusalem Scroll. Here's a video presentation of his findings.

What do you think? Could Salt Lake be the city described in the scroll?

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