This town in Utah may be the most misnamed in the state. One year I was asked to host a beauty pageant in Tropic Utah in the winter. When I told someone where I was headed, they exclaimed how lucky I was to go to the tropics when it is freezing in Utah. I almost believed them. 

Tropic Utah sits on the east side of Bryce Canyon. It has a population of 511 and is a nice Southern Utah small town. There are motels for tourists and even a high school. When I arrived in mid-January, I found snow and a wind with a bite that froze my ears to my head. What I didn’t find was anything that resembled the tropics. 


The town of Tropic was established by three families that completed a ditch bringing water into the area. They had a big celebration and then divided the town into lots. When 20 families had purchased land, they decided to give it a name. From a site listing the history:

It was suggested by Andrew J. Hansen to call it "Tropic". To support the suggestion, he state that  people would come to their little valley where peaches, apples, grapes and other semi-tropical fruits would be found. 

I don’t mean to nitpick, but if there were mangos, bananas and guarana, I might have picked the name Tropic. As it is, I still think you could build a nice resort that includes a heated pool with a white sand beach and a roof in the winter time. Maybe it would entice more people to visit Bryce in January. 

I also plan on giving away a stay in Tropic on the radio so people can say they won a "Tropic Vacation". I might even throw in a couple hot dogs at the Sinclair. 

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